Web Marketing Services


Nowadays most people are turning to the Internet to locate the products and services they need and want. No matter what your industry — even if it's agriculture — your potential clients are out there looking for you.

We help advertisers place advertisement banners on high quality websites with guaranteed inventory, directly from publishers. No middle man. Fully Transparent. Niche targeted.

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Design & Development


Dosuno's web design team will see to it that your website design projects your corporate message the way you intended it to be said, relaying your corporate ideals as well as your products and services.

Website Content Management Services


Having Dosuno manage your website means that we work on an ongoing basis to ensure your site is as profitable for you as possible, optimizing your website for the search engines, proactively rewriting content, offering different online marketing opportunities, strategizing over time, presenting you with the best options and then execute those plans accordingly.

Our Clients


Somo is Kenya's #1 University and College Courses Guide.

The primary objective of the website is to guide KCSE graduates in selecting the appropriate course to study at either University or College level.

We have been involved with Somo since inititial website development and launch. Over the years we have seen the daily visitors increase from zero to the current over 300 daily visitors.


Developing internet-based businesses